What is Granadilla fruit? What is the benefit of granadilla fruit?

Granadilla is a famous fruit of South America, especially concentrated in Peru

This fruit is considered one of the most powerful and valuable super foods because of its nutritional content with many medicinal properties.

Granadilla Peru has the scientific name of Passiflora ligularis, this is called “super fruit” originating from the central Andes, suitable for regions with subtropical or temperate climate.

Granadilla belongs to the Passifloraceae family, has characteristics very similar to Vietnamese passion fruit, has a round shape, weighs about 120grams / fruit, the appearance is firm, has smooth skin, bright, shiny, light orange or light yellow. The inner surface is soft, porous. It has a very special flavor, delicate, mild sweet but not sour, not very sweet, very light aroma.

Granadilla is also called “Passion fruit” (although its English name is “passion fruits”, similar to the English name of Vietnam’s passion fruit and has a very similar appearance, but in fact, the taste is very different, the sourness of Vietnam passion fruit is slightly sour and flavour mixed with the taste between sweet and sour but Granadilla has a light sweet, non-sour taste) because Spanish missionaries in Peru decades ago saw the fruit as an excellent representation of the passion and love that God feels for humans.

Initially, Granadilla was used as food, but later than, local people used it for medicine, they discovered Granadilla’s medicinal properties were a great support to prevent constipation. This fruit is highly versatile as the juice, as well as the seeds, is edible and good for health.


Properties of Granadilla:

Granadilla is an outstanding fruit with its succulent flavor and aroma, but few people know that granadilla contains unique properties that are of great benefit to the body.

This fruit contains essential vitamins and minerals for humans. Therefore, the people of the Andes attach great importance to Granadilla, especially can use daily without restrictions because of no risks, adversely affecting the body.

Granadilla has minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

As for vitamins, it has substances like vitamins A, C, B3, and B9. The most prominent is the high content of vitamin C (50%), which is very beneficial to humans, especially pregnant women and children. It also contains levels of Thiamine, Niacin and Riboflavin.

In addition, this fruit provides strong cold carbohydrates, very few calories and high protein content.

Nutritional value:

What are the benefits of Granadilla? How is it used?

As we all know Granadilla has direct benefits to the body, but the following are specific benefits of Granadilla in detail:

– This fruit is widely used as a natural sedative, it has a power as a nerve stabilizer, promoting nerve and muscle support to relax. It is for this reason that granadilla provides a great deal of support to people who are constantly stressed and anxious. In addition, this fruit is also very effective in fighting insomnia.

– On the other hand, granadilla brings great benefits to children, helps to activate the rhythm of the children and helps them develop. It also helps and improves eye problems, taking care of capillaries of the retina. Although it is good for children and this fruit can eat whole seeds, care must be taken when children eat seeds because the seeds are relatively small, if not careful, it can affect the digestive tract of children if they are not chewed carefully.

– Granadilla also helps control diarrhea and cramps, also aids in the treatment of constipation, control gastritis and cures gastric ulcers.

– Similarly, Granadilla reduces cough and reduces fever

– Helps control cholesterol in blood and prevent anemia

– Control blood pressure well, so it can avoid cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

– Promote the development of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets

– It helps fight urinary infections

Is Granadilla contraindicated?

As stated above, it is clear that this fruit is of great benefit to everyone, so the advice given is to be taken daily, especially on an empty stomach in order to absorption nutrients maximum. So most people thinks that this fruit has no contraindications, as long as it is not used excessively.

The only recommendation is to avoid mixing it with other fruits at the same time because there may be some unwanted interactions happening, although the world has not seen any harmful effects due to this mixing

In addition to being eaten directly or made into juice, Granadilla is also used to make ice cream, desserts, and cakes.

We hope this article is useful for readers and people to know more of a Peruvian super food, hope that this fruit can be distributed more than the different countries. For details about the origin, trade, export of this fruit please contact Nova International Trading & Consulting S.A.C (in Peru) or Al Sole Spices (in Vietnam).


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