What is desiccated coconut

Desiccated coconut is a very typical products of Ben Tre province, one of coconut material areas in Vietnam. The following article will help you better understand this specialty

Desiccated coconut:

Coconut  meat are also called dried coconut flesh or copra. After removing the coconut husk, coconut shell and the thick brown coconut skin, coconut meat will be washed to reduce the number of microorganism to the safe level fit for human consumption within its shelf life and cut into desired size. By the modern drying methods and packaging according to the export standard.

Desiccated coconut with good quality is usually fragrant, milky like rice color.

Desiccated coconut


Desiccated coconut has main two types: desiccated coconut high-fat 63% and desiccated coconut low-fat 35%. Depend on each purpose of customers, desiccated coconut has more type is desiccated coconut medium-fat.


Desiccated coconut nutrition:

– Having ability to support reproductive for preventing cardiovascular, intestinal, cancer diseases

– Desiccated coconut contains about 60% of nutritious fibre for the body like Iron, Phosphorus …

– Desiccated coconut is a fairly common material used in candy processing technology, food processing, …

If you feel too complicated that how to make desiccated coconut and need to buy it, you can go to the supermarket or grocery stores to buy it quickly and conveniently.

If under normal storage conditions, desiccated has shelf-life up to 3 years. However, if you open the bag, you should use it as soon as possible to ensure the quality and deliciousness of desiccated coconut.


What is dried coconut rice used for:

For those who love baking, desiccated coconut is an indispensable ingredient. For coconut cakes, coconut candies, sweet soup, Indian cusine, Asian cusine, Middle East cusine … desiccated coconut is used as a filling or flavor.

Desiccated coconut is also used to decorate the outside of the cake to increase the aesthetics. This is a ingredients for making cakes with relatively cheap price and combining with many different cake ingredients and giving a very delicious taste.

Cakes, smoothies and ice cream are the most commonly used coconut meal. In decoration, dried coconut rice is sprinkled on both sides and on top of the cake.

Desiccated coconut cookie

Cashew coconut hot chocolate

Nowadays, this item is so popular in food industries, many importers have been looking for supplier in desiccated coconut in Vietnam to import with bulk quantity to meet the huge demand in their market. Desiccated coconut in Vietnam has been exported to many countries over the world like Europe, Asian countries, South America and other countries.

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